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CEO & Founder | Inspirational Speaker | Meditation & Wellness Coach | Real Estate & VC Investor

 Hi! I’m Brooke Daniels

Now, I strive to inspire others by sharing my story of resilience and transformation that is grounded in meditation, mindfulness, staying present, and keeping an abundance mindset. I want everyone to know that there is a holistic path toward success and building wealth without grind culture, burnout, sustained levels of stress, and sacrificing your time and everything you love to get there. My purpose is to humbly guide others on their self-awareness journeys to help them build a life that they can love….and have the time to enjoy it.

Sharing My Story of Resilience and Transformation

Not only have I been able to transform my own life into one of abundance professionally and personally, but I now have the pleasure of helping guide others on their transformative journeys as well.

Things have changed a lot for me since then

I developed a meaningful meditation practice and learned that it was actually possible to be successful and experience joy on the journey. And in fact, by prioritizing my wellness and making time for the people and things I loved, I was actually reaching my goals faster than before and I was fulfilled and happy while I was doing it. Could this be the flow state that Oprah spoke about?

Building a Life of Success, A Different Way 

While early in my journey of healing and recovering from burnout, I went to see Oprah on tour live and she shared that life didn’t have to feel like you were swimming upstream in every aspect. That there was another way to live life and accomplish your goals. Then she introduced me to meditation and the esteemed Deepak Chopra - this was the start of my meditation practice. 

Oprah leads me to Deepak and Meditation

The tragic loss of my beloved sister, Shannon, when she was only 39 years old overwhelmed me with grief and hopelessness.

It was in the depths of this despair, that I was awakened to how I was living life and spending time and I realized I was prioritizing life wrong. I realized I still had an opportunity to do things differently and this led me to embark on a journey of healing and redemption.

Finding Light Amidst Darkness

After college, I landed in the world of tech, corporate environments, and VC. It was a competitive landscape and this environment fueled an insatiable desire for success, pushing me to strive for promotions, bigger titles, and higher achievements at any cost, including the expense of my health and personal relationships.   

My unyielding pursuit of success left little time for myself, or to recharge, let alone room for the things and people I loved and cherished and despite achieving milestones, a sense of emptiness persisted.

The Unrelenting Quest for More

Enduring a challenging childhood marked by bullying, I carried a constant need to prove myself. I felt like I could have anything I wanted in the world but the only way I knew how to get there was through hard work…so I continued on this course grinding and overworking hoping it would help me create the life I was seeking.

From Bullying to the Pursuit of Success

Trust me, I’ve been there. 

Struggling with feeling stuck, burnt out, or experiencing emptiness even when you reach another goal? 
I’ve sacrificed everything for my goals and know what a loss of purpose feels like.

A Journey of Transformation and Redemption

This mindset shaped my perspective, and I grew up seeing the world as an abundant place full of possibilities. I accomplished my academic pursuits, graduating from Winthrop University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and German, achieving fluency. Subsequently, I ventured to Germany, participating in a US State Department youth ambassador program and working at BMW Financial Services.

Later on, I pursued further education, earning an Executive MBA from UNC Kenan-Flager with a focus on Entrepreneurship & Strategy. This journey equipped me with valuable knowledge and skills to thrive in the business world.

From a young age, my parents instilled in me the belief that intention and focus can lead to the fulfillment of any aspiration.

I’ll share a little more on the stops along my own journey and the experiences I’ve gained that allow me to serve my clients and be a helpful guide

  • I worked in various go-to-market roles where I significantly increased revenues, secured multi-million dollar contracts, managed a $25 million practice group, and launched new products and markets at companies such as Intapp, Salesforce, AT&T, and Ping.

  • My start-up experience led me to venture capital where I worked as a Director at Salesforce Ventures as part of a team managing over $5B assets under management. I’ve always had a passion for giving back and also served on the Steering Committee for BLCK VC, on the Investment Committee for the Cap Table Coalition, as an advisor for the Justice Technology Association, and as a startup mentor for Techstars, Pharrell William’s Black Ambition, RevTech Labs, and for the UNC business school’s entrepreneurship program.  

  • Beyond venture capital investing, I also expanded into real estate investing and after trying several strategies, I decided to focus specifically on mortgage note investing.

  • Simultaneously, my entrepreneurial spirit led me to co-found a food truck, Street Spice, alongside my husband as our first venture. I would later start my own consulting company, Daniels & Co., coaching entrepreneurs on how to launch and scale their businesses working with over 100 founders, and helping my clients to successfully raise over $75M in venture capital funding. 

My career has been marked by numerous achievements and impactful contributions

This led me to create the Holistic Hustler which is the evolution of my experiences and wisdom I’ve accumulated on my own path to success. My mission is to help entrepreneurs and professionals achieve their aspirations with a holistic approach that honors purpose, wellness, joy, building wealth, and manifesting a life they love both professionally and personally.

Though I loved coaching founders on how to launch and scale their businesses, I realized that many founders I worked with were stuck in the same grind and burnout cycle I had experienced. My purpose became clearer and it is my strong belief that God guided me to empower entrepreneurs and professionals in a different way. I became a meditation and wellness coach under Deepak Chopra so I could better guide people on a holistic path to approaching success and show them that yes, there is another way to achieve goals and build wealth without sacrificing health, joy, and personal relationships. 

Another Shift Towards Purpose -
The Holistic Hustler 

Letting entrepreneurs and professionals believe that high levels of sustained stress, grind culture, and 12+ hour workdays are what success is all about.

I’m not about:

Prioritizing health and what fills my cup so I can show up as the best version of myself.

Daily Rituals:

Meditating, practicing yoga, dancing, teaching, and going for hikes with my husband and dog, Storm.

You can find me:

A holistic approach to success prioritizing wellness and striking a balance between entrepreneurship, building wealth, and living a fulfilling life without having to sacrifice one for the other.

I believe in:

Whether you’re pursuing getting to the next level of your career or growing your business, you can achieve your goals while also living a fulfilled life you love that brings you joy every day.

Gone are the days of having to pick between a successful business/career OR leading a fulfilling life–I’m here to tell you that you can have both!

Here is how I step in…

Reduce stress and say goodbye to the old belief that success comes at the cost of relentless hustle. I provide you with effective strategies and tools to achieve your goals without sacrificing your well-being. My methodology emphasizes wellness and meditation, efficiency and smart work, intention setting and manifesting, and reconnecting with your purpose and unique gifts, ensuring that you make progress faster and have more time for yourself and the things you love.

Success without the grind

What You Will Gain

Life is meant to be joyful, and my methodology is centered around infusing joy into every aspect of your life. I’ll guide you to align your actions with your passions, leading to a fulfilling and rewarding journey toward your dreams. Embrace joy as a driving force, and watch how it enhances your success and overall happiness.

More Joy on Your Journey

I believe that abundance is your birthright. I’m here to help you cultivate a mindset of abundance and guide you in creating a life you truly love. Embrace abundance in all areas of life, and watch as opportunities and prosperity flow effortlessly to you.

A Life You Love, Full of Abundance

In the state of flow, you unlock your highest potential and effortlessly navigate through challenges. My methodology empowers you to tap into the power of flow, where creativity and productivity merge harmoniously. Experience the magic of living in sync with the universe and achieving your goals with ease.

Regain your time with a life of flow

Intuition is a powerful compass on your journey. I’ll help you develop and trust your intuition, enabling you to make wise decisions and seize opportunities aligned with your soul's purpose. Embrace your inner guidance and let it lead you towards the best right action in any situation. 

Increased Intuition

Connecting with your purpose is the key to being fufilled. Uncover your unique talents and explore how you can use them to meet the needs of the world while bringing happiness to yourself and to others.

Reconnect with your Purpose

Manifestation is an art, and I’m here to refine your skills. With my guidance, you'll gain clarity on your desires and learn to manifest with intention and alignment. Embrace your power as a conscious creator, and watch your dreams materialize into reality.

Successfully Manifest Your Desires

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As someone with big dreams and goals, I understand how demanding advancing your career and all-consuming entrepreneurship can be. It can be easy to be swept away by grind culture when it's all around you. But I'm here to tell you that the secret to achieving long-lasting success even faster than you imagined and unlocking your true potential is by prioritizing your health and living life in the flow.

Join Brooke's discussions with top entrepreneurs and leaders on how they are prioritizing wellness to reach new levels of success on their terms.

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Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards a more balanced and abundant life?

Client Love

"I have thoroughly enjoyed Brooke's programs. I always thought meditation wasn't for me, but this program made it easy for me to adopt and fit into my lifestyle. Within the first week, I already noticed I was less stressed and more present during the day."

"I was a terrible workaholic and didn't know there was an approach to finding success without working 10+ hours a day. The Holistic Hustler program has been life changing for me - I'm happier, more aware, better at my work, and I have more time for things beyond work in my life."

"The Holistic Hustler program helped me reconnect with my purpose and joy. After years of burnout, I had really lost myself and couldn't even articulate what I enjoyed doing or wanted out of life when someone asked. Brooke and her program helped to guide me back to myself and helped me start to create my dream life step by step and find more purpose in my life."

"Brooke brings a wealth of experience and is adept at giving guidance on how to make small shifts in life that create new levels of success and abundance."

"Brooke has a knack for seeing the inflection points where change needs to be made both at the ground level and at the strategic level."

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