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My mission is to propel ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs towards unparalleled success and fulfillment, all while breaking free from the grind culture and burnout. I am deeply passionate about empowering individuals like you to achieve the life of your dreams without sacrificing your health, relationships, and happiness in the process.

With over 15 years of experience working with top companies and innovative start-ups in VC, I have experienced burnout and loss of purpose personally and witnessed firsthand the transformative power of transitioning from a life of stress to one of thriving abundance. As a Deepak Chopra certified meditation and wellness coach, I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and insights to help you unleash your full potential, get unstuck, and create a legacy that leaves a lasting impact.

founder and owner of The Holistic Hustler

I'm Brooke Daniels

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It is possible to have success without the grind along with peace and balance. It's time to reclaim your life from burnout and redefine your path to success.

For entrepreneurs, professionals, and individuals who are reaching for new heights in their business, career, or in life experiences in general...along with more time, financial freedom, and a sense of purpose.

I'll guide you on the path to create the life you truly want through a holistic approach to achieving success that prioritizes wellness and includes meditation, mindfulness, shifting limiting mindsets, and intention / visualization / manifesting techniques. I also share tools and strategies on how to create abundance and unlock the power of investing and entrepreneurship to build wealth.

Are the burdens of stress and excessive work wearing you down?

Yes, You Can Unshackle Yourself from Survival Mode and Embrace a Thriving Lifestyle.

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-Peter Drucker

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

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As someone with big dreams and goals, I understand how demanding advancing your career and all-consuming entrepreneurship can be. It can be easy to be swept away by grind culture when it's all around you. But I'm here to tell you that the secret to achieving long-lasting success even faster than you imagined and unlocking your true potential is by prioritizing your health and living life in the flow.

Join Brooke's discussions with top entrepreneurs and leaders on how they are prioritizing wellness to reach new levels of success on their terms.

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Client Love

"I have thoroughly enjoyed Brooke's programs. I always thought meditation wasn't for me, but this program made it easy for me to adopt and fit into my lifestyle. Within the first week, I already noticed I was less stressed and more present during the day."

"I was a terrible workaholic and didn't know there was an approach to finding success without working 10+ hours a day. The Holistic Hustler program has been life changing for me - I'm happier, more aware, better at my work, and I have more time for things beyond work in my life."

"The Holistic Hustler program helped me reconnect with my purpose and joy. After years of burnout, I had really lost myself and couldn't even articulate what I enjoyed doing or wanted out of life when someone asked. Brooke and her program helped to guide me back to myself and helped me start to create my dream life step by step and find more purpose in my life."

"Brooke brings a wealth of experience and is adept at giving guidance on how to make small shifts in life that create new levels of success and abundance."

"Brooke has a knack for seeing the inflection points where change needs to be made both at the ground level and at the strategic level."

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