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My 7-step system, Ready Aim Launch, takes the guesswork out of scaling so that you have a proven blueprint for success. Say goodbye to sleepless nights, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, the fear and anxiety of making mistakes, extensive amounts of cash without results, and being unable to provide for your family. Get the knowledge, resources, and coaching you need to uplevel your business and grow profits.

Your dream business & life are waiting for you.

With my proven 7-step system, Ready Aim Launch, you'll discover the only blueprint necessary to unlock your potential, grow profits, and live the life you deserve. Whether you’re an inspiring entrepreneur with a brilliant idea, a business owner looking to scale, or a professional ready to make the jump into entrepreneurship—this is where you’re meant to be.

It’s time to pursue your passion confidently and avoid expensive mistakes that cost you time, money, and sacrifice your health.

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With over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive in the tech industry, and in VC, it is my mission to empower entrepreneurs and business owners. From working with top companies and innovative start-ups, I have developed my powerful 7-step Ready Aim Launch system to help you pursue your passions, build successful businesses, and lead the life you deserve. 

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Gone are the days of having to pick between a successful business OR leading a fulfilling life. I’m here to tell you that you can have both! Using my Ready Aim Launch system or via personalized coaching, we’ll get laser-focused on your business and personal dreams so that you can accelerate your growth and scale with ease. Whether you are early in your business journey or are a seasoned entrepreneur aiming to get to that next level of growth in your business, you’re in the right place.

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We all desire one thing: freedom. This can look different for all of us. Maybe it’s jumping into entrepreneurship for the first time, growing an existing business, or taking your career to new heights. With my years of experience in corporate and as a CEO, I thrive in helping individuals lean into their superpower, advocate for themselves, and unlock their full potential to thrive. Attendees gain in-depth insights and actionable takeaways that combine mindset, knowledge, and strategy.

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Kristina W., CEO & Founder

Profit analysis, strategic design, competitive advantage, and future proofing are words that first pop into my mind when thinking about the impact of Brooke's advice. Having her expertise as a sounding board helped us to hone our differentiated brand voice and confidently refine my pitch in a way that has led to positive financial outcomes with investors! I'm truly grateful to have her in our corner!

"I'm truly grateful to have her in our corner!"

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Lauren M., CEO & Founder

Brooke and her coaching are incredible! She has helped refine my short term strategies in order to reach my long term goals. I highly recommend her courses to any business professional!

"Brooke and her coaching are incredible!"

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Kourosh Z, COO & Founder 

"Brooke's ability to take best practices that she's learned at some of the top companies in the world and distill them down into digestible action items, even in our earliest days, is impressive."

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"My go to market strategy that has increased my income by 3x."

Erika Hogan, CEO & Founder

My mindset has shifted to see even bigger opportunities and outcomes for my business thanks to Brooke's courses and strategic insights. Not only did she help me expand the vision for my business, she also helped me create a full blueprint of my go to market strategy that has increased my income by 3x.

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"Brooke brings a wealth of experience and is adept at giving strategic guidance on building best-in-class experiences."


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Amber R. CEO & Founder

Brooke continuously shares amazing knowledge and resources that help to power my business. Her courses have helped us reach more of our ideal customers, differentiate from the competition, and increase profits. Highly recommend if you're looking to level up in your business! 

"Highly recommend if you're looking to level up in your business!"

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"Brooke has a knack for seeing the inflection points where change needs to be made both at the ground level and at the strategic level."

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